New WW1 Exhibition open!

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We are excited to announce that a brand new gallery has been opened at GMP Museum. Where visitors used to enter and exit through the gift shop, they will now enter our new front gallery which is currently hosting a special exhibition. ‘From Bobby to Tommy’ is dedicated to officers who served their country either on the front or at home during WW1.
I don’t want to say too much about the exhibition here in-case it spoils the experience, but as well as objects and images we are also luckily enough to have personal effects such as letters that have been recorded by local actors and volunteers for you to listen to. The Chief Constable and local dignitaries came to visit the exhibition on Monday before it was opened to the general public on Tuesday, during this time we put some of our visitors through their paces by ‘recruiting’ them and running through some short drill exercises. (I think they need more practise!).