999 Day

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Even the morning drizzle couldn’t dampen our spirits as we set up for Emergency Services Day at the Trafford Centre yesterday. As we put up the gazebo with a nice cup of tea, we saw lots of colleagues walking by and many cheery ‘hellos’. As more and more vehicles arrived the car park filled up with Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Mountain Rescue and more – you have never seen (or heard) so many cars with sirens in one place.

While Ron and Tom must have felt like celebrities walking round having their photo taken every few metres, Emma and I highlighted the museum to passers by and showed off items from the collection.
We met some fantastic people and we hope they’ll come see us at the museum. It really was a brilliant day and to top it all off the sun came out in the afternoon. The down side was we were too busy to get a ride in the Firefighter’s hydraulic crane! Maybe next year…