Welcome to The Police Appointment Search

The museum holds a collection of Police appointment registers from Manchester & Salford and some surrounding forces. These registers contain the names of the men and women who joined these respective constabularies as well as their service history, though some registers contain more detail than others.

Not all our registers are currently searchable but we are working hard to make them available soon. At present you can use this function to look up ancestors from:

  • Manchester Police 1839 - 1858
  • Manchester Police War Reserve & Special Constabulary 1930s - 1970s
  • Oldham Police 1849 - 1878
  • Salford Police 1893 - 1934 (all known records)
  • Salford Police 1920 - 1940 (Volumes 1 & 2)
  • Salford Specials Constabulary 1914

Use the search box to look up an ancestor's name. If we do have your ancestors name in the register, please contact the museum: gmpmuseum@gmail.com with their name and box reference number and we will check the details for you. A basic transcript is free but digital copies of the register are charged at £15 per entry. If you have any questions, please email gmpmuseum@gmail.com

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