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The museum holds a collection of Alien registers from Salford City Police, these registers contain the names of Non-UK citizens living in Salford during the First and Second World Wars. Though they may have moved to the city much earlier, the Alien Registration Act of 1914 forced all foreign nationals to register with their local Police Forces. People who were deemed 'Enemy Aliens' (those from countries the UK and its Allies were at war with) could be deported or interned, for many others who were allowed to remain, restrictions would be placed on their movement and everyday lives.

We do not know how complete this set of registers is, as they were found hidden in the basement of Salford Crescent Police Station. Please also note they exclusively cover Salford City. There would have been similar registers for Manchester City and the surrounding areas, but sadly these do not appear to have survived.

Use the search box to look up an ancestor's name. If we do have your ancestors name in the register, please contact the museum: gmpmuseum@gmail.com with their name and box reference number and we will check the details for you. A basic transcript is free but digital copies of the register are charged at £15 per entry. If you have any questions, please email gmpmuseum@gmail.com

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