Back after a hiatus

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So you may notice the blog has been quiet for some time…
This has been less to do with having nothing to say, and more to do with me misplacing the password for the website. Oh dear.

Well as you can see I’ve found it again, so we can continue the stream of museum consciousness that may or may not want to read. If you’re just tuning into this blog, it’s used to detail the goings on at GMP Museum, one of Manchester’s finest small museums and a regular high scorer on Trip Advisor.

Pop in and see us on our Tuesday open days or maybe book a private tour for an interested party on Monday, Wednesday or Thursdays. Don’t forget; knowledge is power, and all the knowledge here is free to access. That’s right – the museum is free to enter and we actively encourage researchers to use our wonderful archive as well.

We hope to see you at the museum soon.

If you’ve got any questions, why not write to us?