Digital workshops

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While the museum building remains closed; we are pleased to announce two new digital workshops starting September 2020.

Workshop 1: What is a Peeler?

Are your class good enough to join the the Victorian police force? Find out as we investigate the day to day life of the Peeler. Together we will explore everything from lunches to wages using the museum collection to learn about crime prevention and how it has changed.

Your class will be introduced to Robert Peel and the Victorian Police officer, as well as discovering why the police force was formed, as we discover how policing has developed over time.

Workshop 2: Victorian Crime and Punishment.

Using historical documents and photographs your class will be introduced to Owen, a real Victorian thief as will follow him through the charge office, cells and courtroom on a justice journey.

We will uncover: What would have happened in a Victorian Police Station, how it might have felt to spend a night in a cell, and finally follow the case to court, working together to decide on the sentence.

Workshops will last for approximately 1 hour & are facilitated by the museum team, using video software to present to your class. If you would be interested in booking a workshop with us, or would like to know more email us: