A Saturday worth getting out of bed for

In Blog, Latest News by Katie

So our Heritage Open Day weekend has been and gone, and it really was worth getting out of bed on a Saturday morning for. I admit it, I was worried people wouldn’t turn up, but you didn’t disappoint!

253 visitors was our final count and the atmosphere was fantastic. The wonderful team of Amanda (pictured) and Chris from GMP Traffic also came to join us to show off the CCTV Smart Car and ANPR car. We also had the offer of GMP Scooters for our next event, Scooters! I didn’t even know GMP had scooters.

The crowd was a real mix of ages, families, couples, heritage buffs; and given the size of the museum some visitors were here for over 3 hours. I don’t know if this is a comment on how long our volunteer’s stories are, or how good we are (only joking).

The blogs going to go quiet for a little bit now as I’m away, but check back early October for news of our half term shenanigans and next special Saturday.