A brand of luncheon meat

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Here at GMP towers, I am writing this blog with a nice cup of tea and a Bourbon biscuit. The blog for this website is the first I’ve written, and having never even written a diary it’s a whole new experience. I enjoy the positive feedback from visitors and it’s great to be able to let the general public know what is happening at the museum. (That’s why I write it, for you, the lovely public!).

What I didn’t realise, is that you get an awful lot of spam with a blog. I opened my emails to find 99, yes 99! emails asking if I wanted to buy cheap Invermectin, a brand of Vet drug and they keep on coming day after day. A lot of people must think I have a flea and mite problem…

Mite problems aside we are ploughing on with half term fun. There’s only two and half weeks to go until our holiday openings of 28 & 30 October. We’re currently compiling ghost stories for some scary stuff in the Charge Office. Which is not so fun when you’re sat reading them, on your own, in a reputedly haunted building. Though the bumps and bangs I can hear at the moment are just the contractors working next door, or maybe giant bed bugs – I hope, perhaps I should pass on the details for cheap Invermectin.