The Greater Manchester Police Museum is now pleased to offer a full Crime and Punishment day, working in conjunction with the National Justice Museum Education.

This full day session explores crime and punishment through time from historical context through to contemporary issues and the court system today. Pupils will have a full day exploring and learning about crime at the Police Museum Manchester and can also choose to visit the Manchester Crown Court.

Students will:

•Learn about the history of crime and law and order through history
•Discuss and debate real historical sentencing options and compare these to sentencing options in the present day
•Be introduced to either the courtroom at the Police Museum or at the Crown Court
•Explore roles in a court room
•Discuss and debate reaching a verdict and sentencing options
•Enact a trial based on a real case in a real courtroom

This session links to: Citizenship, History, PSHE and English

To book a session: Please email or call 0115 993 9811

For more information please visit: